The Aeschylia Festival is a consistent cultural institution within which artists express their artistic and innovative creations. This is the 44th year that the Aeschylia Festival has -without fail- shaped a high-quality, timeless yet updated artistic program. Its successful course in cultural events, through collaborations with artists, cultural institutions and associations, sets the bar high regarding what the festival will feature each year. The Aeschylia Festival makes sure that, every year, artists-creators of all sorts are afforded the opportunity to present their works, as well as create more, drawing inspiration from the city of Elefsina.

Elefsina’s beautiful urban environment, historical past, modern industrial history and its people’s experiences all come to surface thanks to a unique artistic presence throughout its program, with works of art and expression that have served to stir developments in the history of the area, as well as in that of the whole country! Culture seems to have established itself in the city of Elefsina and in its core lies the interaction between the people and the Aeschylia Festival. The challenge to attract and help express new art forms redefines and resets its creational goals, constantly encouraging new steps in the festival’s future course. This is the perpetual force that the Aeschylia Festival fuels our culture with.

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